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Apprenticeship Opportunities

The ROH is pleased to be working so closely with Bournville College, to provide real opportunities and valuable experience for young people in Birmingham.

Click here to read our case study on the? Bournville College website.


  • Hello,my names Katy Kendall and I’m studying at Edgbaston high school for girls. I am looking to do physiotherapy at uni and feel like i want some work experience. I’m really struggling to find any and so Gina Kendall (a phsyio but also my sister) said she had connections with you and told me to contact betty walker, But unfortunately,ive been told she’s moved offices. Any chance you could get back to me on any possible work experience opportunities? Regardless of how little you can offer, anything would be brilliant. Thank you in advance, Katy Kendall

  • I am currently studying biomedical materials science at Birmingham University and wish to gain some valuable work experience which would help me in my current degree programme, as well giving me an insight into the medical profession, which is something I am considering pursuing after I have completed my degree.

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