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Catch up with Rhiannon

Birmingham Mail caught up with Rhiannon who featured on ITV Central earlier in the year for having ground breaking spinal surgery.

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  • rosie peel says:

    i have a spinal surgery as well rhiannon

  • kelly says:

    hi i just say im proud of your daughter . my 10 yr old daughter and going to have to go through same thing . only she as twisted rib cage aswel as two holes in her heart . i am very sceard for my daughter only ive been telling doctors since she was 3 yrs old about her spine back knees feet etc and no one as listened until febuary this yr when she was taken to the hospital with chest pains . only to discover she has all of above. my daughter too has had to stop horse riding , gymnastics, trampolining,dancing all the things she loved . she gets out of breath very easy , her shoulder sticks out very bad and now its bringing her rib cage out at back and at front .i hope to get some answers soon . hope everything is well wiv rhiannon x

  • rachel coleman says:

    my daughter has to undergo this surgery there and the end of this year as well as her ribs to be fixed to. i am so glad to read how it has helped ur little girl and i hope it helps mine in the same way. you have put my mind at rest of how things will be. thank you. x

    • Hi Rachel, glad to hear it has put your mind at ease . It really has helped Rhiannon and it’s lovely to she her spark come back. Everyone is lovely at the hospital and they work wonders. Good luck to you all x

  • Hi Kelly , Rhiannon is doing really well thankyou. It is really nice to hear from other parents that are going through the same. Sending you all our best wishes for your daughter. All the surgeons and staff are lovely and your daughter will be very well lolled after. Good luck with the surgery. Donna

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