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Occupational Therapy

Contact Details:

General Enquiries Tel:  0121 685 4122

Occupational Therapy Fax:  0121 685 4124

Opening Hours:  Monday-Friday 8.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Occupational Therapists assess and treat patients (adults and children) being admitted for elective surgery or treatment.

Occupational Therapists discuss any personal important issues with regard to how patients will manage their everyday activities of daily living within their home environment such as, washing, dressing, getting around indoors and outdoors, bathing, preparing and eating meals, or participating in work, school or leisure activities.

These tasks may be difficult due to illness or following surgery.  The Occupational Therapist assists patients to become as independent as possible to enable them to be safe at home after leaving hospital.

Areas covered by Occupational Therapy Team:


1. Pre-operative Assessment Clinic (POAC) – Adult and Paediatric

  • Many patients requiring elective (planned) surgery will be scheduled to visit the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic prior to their date of surgery.
  • Patients are seen by an Occupational Therapist who assesses them to identify individual needs and to determine any equipment requirements to facilitate an early and safe hospital discharge.
  • There are two different Occupational Therapy teams, one based in Adult and one in Paediatric Pre-operative Assessment Clinics.


2. Hip Surgery Workshop

Patients having hip replacement surgery are encouraged to attend this information class in addition to their Pre-operative Surgical Assessment appointment.  The classes help patients to prepare for their operation and recovery after surgery.  These classes are arranged by the Occupational Therapy department staff and are held on Tuesdays between 9am-11am and 1.30pm-3.30pm.  Most patients awaiting hip surgery are sent an appointment to attend.

Patients can also self refer to attend a Hip Workshop by completing the attached form (see link below) and returning it to the Occupational Therapy department, address as below.

Patients are required to arrange their own transport to attend.


3. General Orthopaedic

Occupational Therapy intervention involves advice to follow hip precaution after hip surgery and assesses equipment need for safe discharge from hospital.

4. Spinal Orthopaedic

Assessment of individual need after surgery to manage functional tasks with appropriate equipment. Also discuss log rolling and work simplification technique with spinal surgery patient.

5. Orthopaedic Oncology

It’s a Specialist ward and assessment involves identifying individual functional need and provision of equipment at home after major surgery. Also if necessary liaising with external agencies in terms of support and care.

6. Paediatric Orthopaedic

It’s a Specialist ward and a part of which involve wheelchair assessment for patients who are already in a wheelchair or who will need a wheelchair for a short term period. We provide wheelchairs to patients on short term loan for 3 month against a deposit of £50 (refundable) depending on stock availability. Also our assessment involves children with complex disabilities and provision of equipment need on discharge.


Private Ward

Any private patients who have not been assessed by the Occupational Therapy team are advised to get in touch with the department prior to admission on the telephone number given below.

How referrals are made to the Occupational Therapy department


  • Patients who are awaiting surgery can self refer by contacting the department directly via the above telephone number.  Patients will be required to know their six digit registration number beginning with an “R” i.e. (R123456) – Consultant’s secretary can advise. You will get your response within 7 days of your referral through phone call.


  • Patients who are having elective surgery (mostly hip and other complex operations) are seen by the Pre-operative Occupational Therapy team.


Useful Information:

Equipment requirements:

Occupational Therapists are responsible for arranging any aids that patients may require for their safe and prompt discharge.

The department has an agreement with the local stores in Birmingham and few other areas in the West Midlands for patients who live locally to the hospital.

For patients living outside of the Birmingham area, the department is also responsible for arranging equipment for patients.  However, in some circumstances family members may be asked to collect equipment from their local stores.

It is always advisable for patients/carers, to contact the department to inform staff of non-delivery of equipment before hospital admission.

Useful websites:

Occupational Therapy is registered to Health Professional Council, UK

The British Association/College of Occupational Therapist s is the professional body for Occupational Therapy staff in the UK.