Todays Date: Thursday 2nd April 2015


Can use my laptop/mobile phone?


You can use your laptop and mobile phones onsite however please check within the department you are visiting for any restrictions. Within most clinical area’s you will be asked to turn off your mobile phone.

Is there WiFi available?


Unfortunately WiFi is not available onsite at the moment.

How do I get referred to the ROH?


To be seen by a specialist orthopaedic consultant you will need a referral from your GP. You can request to be treated at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital or one of the outreach clinics provided by the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. Please speak to your GP in the first instance and request for a referral to be sent to us.

After referral, how long will I have to wait for my first appointment?


Once we have received your referral the relevant consultant will review the information provided by your GP. The waiting time will vary dependent on your condition and which consultant you have been referred to. You can contact the medical secretary for your consultant for more information about the waiting lists.

Is there a hairdresser?


If you are staying in hospital for some time and require a haircut, you can book an appointment with our mobile hairdresser. Please enquire about this service with the ward clerk when you are here.

Will the hospital provide me with a wheelchair?


Wheelchairs are available to use onsite. Please ask a member of staff when you arrive who will be able to assist you with a wheelchair.

Are children allowed to visit?


Children can visit during visiting times. All children are expected to be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Can I find information about my consultant?


You can find information about all our consultants in the ‘meet the team’ section

Does the ROH have a chaplaincy/faith representative?


The ROH have chaplains and faith representatives who visit the hospital. If you would like to be visited by a chaplain please enquire within the ward you are staying on.

Is there a prayer/contemplation room?


There is a contemplation, meditation and prayer room available for all patients, visitors and staff. This room is open at all times and is located on the ground floor of the Treatment Centre (near ward1)

How do I express a concern or make a complaint?

If you have any concerns please talk to us. You can find further information about how to raise your concerns and contact details of the PALS & Complaints team in the ‘PALS & Complaints’ section of this website.

Is there a shop on site?


You can purchase hot and cold beverages and confectionary items from the WRVS shop in the outpatients department. There is no shop facility onsite but Northfield town centre is only a short walk away where you will find most well-known high-street shops, banks and restaurants.

Is there a cashpoint?


There is a cashpoint located opposite the x-ray department.

How do I make a suggestion or comment?


We want to hear your suggestions and comments. Please contact our PALS office on 0121 685 4128 or write to us at the hospital address for the attention of PALS Office. Alternatively email us on

Where can my relatives stay?


Some accommodation is available if your relative need to stay onsite. However this is subject to availability. Please visit the ‘arranging accommodation’ page on this site for more information

What are the visiting times?


Visiting times for Wards 1, 2 & 3 are listed below. The Wards are restricted for an hour during meal times.

10:00am until 12:00noon

1:00pm until 5:00pm

6:00pm until 8:00pm

Visiting times for Ward 10 – open visiting for private patients

Visiting times for Ward 11 & Ward 12 – Open visiting (non-family members will be asked to leave at 8:00pm)

Can I buy a newspaper on site?


You can purchase a newspaper from the WRVS coffee shop which is situated in the outpatients department

Do I need to bring money?


You are advised to bring a small amount of small change with you. Please leave large amounts of money and valuables at home if you are staying in hospital.

How can I cancel or amend my appointment?


Visit the ‘manage your appointment’ page. You can contact the Appointment Office by completing the online form.

Can I be accompanied at my appointment by a relative or friend?


You may bring a relative or friend to your outpatient appointment. You are advised to bring a responsible adult who will be able to drive you home if are coming in for day surgery or other treatment.

Can the ROH provide an interpreter or translator?


Your GP will usually advise the ROH when your referral is forwarded if an interpreter is required. If this has not been stated on your referral there may not be an appropriate person to translate and your appointment will need to be rescheduled.