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Well Done

As some colleagues may have seen from Core Brief we have now received the Care Quality Commission (CQC) final report following the inspection on Dignity and Nutrition which was carried out on May 25th 2011. The report indicates that we are meeting both of the essential standards that the CQC were reviewing but includes such positive feedback I wanted to share some of these with staff directly.

Lindsey and I did meet with some of the reviewers to give them feedback on how we found the review and their comments to us certainly indicated how helpful and professional everybody was in dealing with them. They clearly identify in their report that all of the patients they spoke to told them that we were treating them with respect and have no concerns or complaints about their treatment. They also told the reviewers that all of our staff came promptly when they were needed and that the mealtimes were unhurried and quiet with staff making sure visitors left the wards during mealtimes so that patients could have protected times for their meals. Some of the other comments from the report from our patients include:

Staff are brilliant; they respect you and explain things


I’ve been kept fully informed of all aspects of my treatment including what will happen on discharge


The CQC reviewers also comment that they visibly saw staff discussing and taking time out with patients to find out what their needs and requirements were and respecting their privacy and dignity.

What is really helpful for us is that the report doesn’t just take the observations of the reviewers on the day it cross-checks them against the information from our patient survey and comments from our PEAT (Patient Environment Action Team) and any comments left by patients on the NHS Choices website. All of these when cross-checked gave us the message that we are doing a great job! Well done again to everybody.

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