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Our Governors have an important role in at the Trust; they hold our Executive Board to account for their decision making and ensure that patients, members of the public, staff and partner organisations have a voice in how decisions are made.
We have 18 governors from clinical and non-clinical staff groups, members of the public, many of which have been (or are) patients of the ROH, senior figures from the local universities or stakeholder organisations with which the ROH works closely.
Apply to be a governor:

From time to time, there is an opportunity to apply to be a public governor at the ROH. There are no specific qualifications needed; just a keen interest in the hospital and a commitment to making a positive difference at ROH.

Any of our members can stand for election as a governor, the criteria is:

  • You are an eligible member of our NHS Foundation Trust
  • Aged 16 or over
  • Public Governor must live in the area that they represent

All foundation trust members will be alerted to when the elections open. Sign up here.

The term of office for a public governor is three years, with the possibility of serving a further two three-year terms, if the governor is re-elected.

View our Governors

Rest of England & Wales constituency Governors

Brian Toner - Lead Governor,

Robert Rowberry, Rob Talboys, Arthur Hughes, Pat Clarke

Birmingham & Solihull constituency Governors

Anne Waller, Petro Nicolaides, Anthony Thomas, Julia Liddle, Rheya Dole

Non-clinical staff Governors

Gavin Newman and Matthew Maycock

Clinical staff Governors

Wilson Thomas


Stakeholder Governors

Hannah Abbott – Birmingham City University

Dagmar Scheel-Toellner – University of Birmingham

Kirstin Kurt-Elli – Birmingham City Council

Maxine Shanahan – Northfield Community Partnership

David Robinson – Bournville Village Trust