ROHBTS Charity

ROHBTS (The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Bone Tumour Service) is a charity which offers emotional help and practical advice to families through out the trauma of having a child or adult suffering from bone cancer.

ROHBTS came into being as the result of the experiences of a group of patients and their families. Because of the relative rarity of bone tumours, patients and families would often arrive at our hospital not knowing what to expect and feeling totally unprepared.

In the 25 years since its inception in 1989, ROHBTS has provided support to many bone and soft tissue tumour patients and their families. In addition to Personal support, ROHBTS have supplied and supported:

  • Respite and Holidays for Patients and Families.Specialist Beds for the Wards that can be adjusted to meet individual needs.
  • Equipment for the Wards, examples being, IVAC Machines, Limb Bending and Exerciser machines, Heated Boots.
  • Two Coffee Machines for Patients with their continuing supply and maintenance.
  • An ongoing and constant need for, Toys, Games, Books, Play stations, Computerised Entertainment and Communication.
  • Patient friendly Re- furbishment of “18 and over” Patient Day Room and installation of TV’s Computers and Patient friendly Furniture.
  • Financial support to Families faced with unplanned and emergency overnight and Patient support stays.
  • Overnight “Essentials Kits” to Patients and Families with emergency and unplanned overnight stays.
  • Hospital Social Workers in the Patients Homes with equipment and appliances to meet essential and specialist Patient needs.

Find out more

Visit the ROHBTS website or contact Jenny Richardson on 07977096805


ROHBTS are actively engaged in fundraising in order to support patients and their families. If you would like to make donations please send cheques made out to ROHBTS to:

The Treasurer
327 Reservoir Road
Selly Oak
B29 6BT