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Prestigious Exam Held At The Hospital


We recently hosted the annual three day Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) Trauma and Orthopaedic Revision Course.

This prestigious course is led by Mr Khalid Baloch, Orthopaedic surgeon, clinical tutor and director of the Birmingham Orthopaedic Teaching Programme (BOTP), and is organised by the Trusts Medical Education Team. 

This course is a highly recognised programme with registrars and fellows from across the country requesting to attend, in preparation for their final FRCS exams. Hosting it is a real honour!

The course is supported by a faculty of over 60 orthopaedic consultants and tutors from across the region, who offer their time to support the development and success of our registrars who are the consultants of the future. They also gain recognition and skills development whilst being able to share knowledge and develop best practice during the event. 

100% of the BOTP registrars (Birmingham Orthopaedic Teaching Programme) who attended the FRCS revision course in January 2016 went on to successfully pass their Final FRCS exams in February 2016.

For further information on future FRCS courses, or to find out more about the education and teaching activity that occurs at the Trust please contact our Education and Training team via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Trauma and Orthopaedic Revision Course

Notice of a meeting of the Council of Governors 18 January


Notice is hereby given to all of the members of the Council of Governors of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust that the following meetings of the Council of Governors will be held in the Board Room on 18 January 2017:
Meeting Timing: Public section 1400h – 1600h
Dame Yve Buckland

Notice of Public Board Meeting on Wednesday 11 January 2017


The next meeting in public of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust NHS Trust Board will take place on Wednesday 11 January 2017 commencing at 1100h in the Board Room at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Headquarters.
Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. The agenda for the public part of the meeting is available on the website.
Questions for the Board should be received by the Trust Board Administrator no later than 24hrs prior to the meeting by post or e-mail to: Trust Board Administrator, Jane Colley at the Management Offices or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dame Yve Buckland
Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960
Members of the Public and Press are entitled to attend these meetings although the Trust Board reserves the right to exclude, by Resolution, the Press and Public wherever publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons, stated in the Resolution

Thank you for your donations!


For many people, Christmas and New Year is a great time of joy but it can be difficult for those living in fear of violence or abuse in their own homes. Every year, women, men and children in our community flee their homes because of domestic abuse. They often are highly stressed and have no time to pack but see this as their only chance to live in a safe place.

The First Night Campagin aims to support people fleeing domestic vionece on their first night away from home.

Today we handed over a cage full of essential items to Gilgal Birmingham for the First Night Campaign. Thank you to everyone who donated, you helped to make a real difference. We would also like to say a special thank you to Carl, one of our volunteers, who helped to gather so many items from local shops and businesses. Big thanks as well to Bournville Village Trust, Edgwood Court, Harborne House, Firs Close and Four Dwellings School juniors and infants and to everyone else who gave so generously.

For more information about Gilgal Birmingham and the work they do please visit their website or their Facebook page

BSOA medal for Dr Tom Neal


One of our Consultant Anaesthetists has been awarded a prestigious honour and we're very proud!

Consultant Anaesthetist Dr Tom Neal has been awarded the British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists President’s Medal. He received the pretigious award for his work in the field of anaesthesia for major onco-orthopaedic surgery. Well done Tom!

The British Society of Orthopaedic Anaesthetists (B.S.O.A) is a specialist society for anaesthetists with an interest in Orthopaedic Anaesthesia. Find our more by visiting their website: www.bsoa.org.uk

Mrs Ivy Olds sets a new record at ROH!


Mrs Ivy Olds set the record this month as the oldest patient to ever receive a new hip at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Northfield.

At 99 years old, Mrs Olds holds the record as the oldest patient to ever undergo the operation at the Trust. The operation was a success and our team are delighted with her recovery.

Her consultant, the fantastic Mr Roger Tillman said; “It is unusual to list a patient so advanced in years for this sort of operation, but Mrs Olds is as fit as a fiddle. Her new hip will reduce the pain she was experiencing and will allow her to return to doing the things she enjoys.”

Mrs Olds, who lives in Shirley, is pleased with the new lease of life her new hip will afford her. She said; “I’m looking forward to not having to use a walking stick anymore! I’m already feeling much better. The care has been perfect, I couldn’t fault it.”

Her son Pete said; “My mum has always been active, so it’s fantastic to see her doing so well. Now she has a new hip she can get up and down stairs and continue playing bingo with her friends!”


Could we help you?

Each year we help thousands of Birmingham residents regain their independence and get back to doing the things they enjoy. If you think we might be able to help you, please speak to your GP about a referral.

'It Is Amazing!' | A Patient Blog About Our Food


The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital was recently mentioned in a newspaper article about food hygiene. Unfortunately, it was rather negative and not based on fact. The truth is that our hospital is extremely clean and hygienic and patients love the food!

But don't take our word for it. Blogger, and mum to a patient at the hospital, Bethy Butler, wrote a piece all about her experiences of the food at our Trust. Bethy and Kieran have been patients here for a long time. Bethy writes a really moving blog about her and her son's experiences which is definitely worth a read. Read on below!

kieran web 2

'Little Dude, Big Attitude' a blog from Bethy and Kieran

Now, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has been in the press due to food hygiene, it’s a load of rubbish, the Birmingham Mail and other national newspapers apparently have slated the hospital. This is bizarre, as when you check the food hygiene website for Birmingham it ranks a 4 which is more than other local eateries that retail to the public.

It’s our second home over here and Ki loves his food! And he always enjoys ROH meals, either on the ward or in the Café Royale.

After almost 13 years of visits we have seen the facilities literally ‘rise from the ashes’ after a fire gutted the kitchens in 2009. The food was prepared in temporary buildings, and then in a temporary canteen during which time TV chef James Martin worked with staff her to create a new menu to go with the new facilities that took a further 18 months fit into the newly built kitchen/restaurant and the staff took onboard tips and it is successful, not your ordinary run of the mill hospital food – no triangle pre packed sandwiches – freshly made huge baguettes, cooked breakfasts, and main meals that you would expect in restaurants – yesterday my husband treated me to Beef stroganoff – delicious and even put in a container to allow him to bring it up to the ward, today Kieran had beef in mushroom gravy – and at some hospitals kids get nuggets or fish fingers with chips and beans, it is amazing! I just don’t understand where the press get their info!

During the filming of James’s TV show, Kieran spotted him after physio and rolled himself over, and asked him to tell staff he didn’t like potato croquettes – He must have made a lasting impression as later at the Good food show James’s spotted Kieran and invited him to a live BBC Good Food show stage event, where Kieran was presented with a signed chefs coat, his own cooking set and cookbooks signed by the chefs at the show – and Kieran and I were invited to stay at the Talbot Hotel in his home town, Ki was over the moon!

At the hotel, the food was fabulous, and Kieran asked for fish and chips! Not just fish and chips, but hand cooked by James himself! He had a blast! We spent several days and tried so many delicious dishes – in a beautiful hotel! So I am surprised that the same person who worked with ROH staff, creating a fab menu – which they have adhered to – leaving a lasting legacy – at a fantastic hospital has meant negative press – I would invite any member of the press to try the meals – and read the local food standard’s review – I know they would enjoy!

Tomorrow’s menu is chilli con carne for lunch with a choice of sides, and braised lamb for supper – Kieran’s choice! However, he might just fancy a plate of veg some days, or even sliced apples – his fav breakfast and one which the kitchens catered for sending him 5 different types of apple to work his way through!

Today we got Kieran out of bed, a little stroll in his chair to say hi at the Café, and some nice sausages for his hobbit breakfast needs! But after a crazy afternoon with a minor emergency I missed the café as it closes at 6 – so I’ve had a Yorkie and a cup of coffee – I will hopefully make up for that in the morning with a nice full English – if Kieran will let me escape that is, after working so hard today and with a lot of pain – I think we will struggle to move him and the only food I will be getting close to will be the banana (board) for transfers.

Anyway, I’m bloody knackered and hoping to get a bit of sleep as if not, and he is discharged, I will struggle to focus on driving to get him home!

Night night!

You can reead more from Bethy and Kieran here

The FSA rate our food hygiene as 'good'


It was incorrectly reported in the Sun newspaper and in some other sources, that The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital has a Food Standards Agency rating of 2. 
Our rating is 4 or 'good' as indicated on the Food Standards Agency website.
The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital takes hygiene very seriously. Anyone visiting the Trust should be reassured that our hospital is extremely clean and hygienic, both on the wards and in the kitchens.

95% Satisfaction Rates

Our patients consistently sing the praises of our catering team as evidenced by our patient satisfaction surveys. In September 1,415 people were asked how satisfied they were with the hospital and 95% were 'satisfied or extremely satisfied'. Many of our patients made positive comments about the catering, including: 

'Top class food'
'Surrounds very clean, food excellent'
'Everyone was very professional and friendly. Food was very good too'
'Food good, exceeded expectations'
'Everyone was very friendly, food very good for patients'


We strive for excellence in everything we do and catering is no exception. The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is an extremely safe and clean hospital with excellent facilities and good food. We are proud of the services we provide and our patients really value what we do.
If you would like to ask a question about this article, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0121 685 4369