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Programmes & projects

We are committed to continuous improvement. Our projects are all designed to improve the quality, safety and experience of patients in the hospital

Perfecting Pathways Programme

The perfecting pathways programme encapsulates lots of larger and smaller scale projects and workstreams currently active within the Trust. This includes capital builds, enhancing patient pathways and digital improvements. Our end goal is always to improve the patient experience and continually improve.

Restoration and Recovery Programme

Restoration and recovery

Our Restoration and Recovery programme brings together the many projects established in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. Patient safety is out highest priority and this programme captures all of the changes we have made to ensure we learn and continually improve the safety of the care we offer.

Flow and Cohorting

This project looks at the patient flow through the site for both outpatients and inpatients; it also considers how we allocate beds to ensure we treat as many patients as possible while maintaining safety and experience.

Testing & Scheduling

In addition to the standard pre-operative screening we now also require patients to be tested for COVID-19 prior to their admission. This project is helping us to gradually increase how many patients we treat as safely as possible.

Digital Transformation Programme

Microsoft 365

We will be implementing Microsoft 365 across the Trust, this will allow us to work collaboratively with our colleagues here and in other hospitals. MS365 offers increased security, significant cost savings and help us work towards our goal of being paper-free.

Attend Anywhere

We offer video consultations for our patients where appropriate, this allows flexibility for both clinicians and patients, reduces the number of “Did Not Attend” appointments and saves unnecessary travel and costs for patients.

Referral Management System

This system will replace the need for paper-based referrals and instead they will be fed directly into our Clinical Portal which will be a central system for all patient documentation, this will help us to achieve our goal of being paper free and improves our ability to audit patient referrals.


Our in-house clinical printing and posting has moved offsite and is being completed by an external provider, this is helping us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, streamline our processes, reduce duplicate printing and achieve our ultimate goal of being paperless.

PICS Phase 3

PICS is our e-prescribing system, it was rolled out across the Trust in 2018 and has been very well received, phase 3 involves inpatient and outpatient clinical noting, this will eliminate the need for paper-based noting which will help to streamline the outpatient process. We will also be adding order comms – this means that imaging can be ordered through PICS, we are confident this will improve our radiology processes. We hope that this will have an impact of improving patient experience at the ROH.

HIE – Health Information Exchange

This allows all those directly involved in patient care to have full access to their patient record, this means GPs, Consultants, Anaesthetists etc. This will really enhance patient care by allowing our clinical professionals to have a complete view of our patients medical history.

Digital PreOp

This will completely replace the paper based process we currently use for pre-operative assessments, streamlining our current pathway, improving patient experience and reducing our carbon footprint.

Robot Process Automation

We will be using robots to replace some of our repetitive tasks (e.g. data entry), not only will this offer significant time-saving for our administrative colleagues but will also improve the validity of our data.

Outpatient Modernisation

Clinical Portal

Clinical Portal will be a system which centrally holds all of our patient information, our clinical colleagues will be able to easily navigate from one app all of the information they need, this will reduce the cost of printing, improve our carbon footprint, improve staff experience and offer a better experience for patients.

Partial Booking

Partial booking will help us to treat patents in a more efficient manner and better utilise our available appointments, it will reduce our DNA (did not attend) rate, reduce the number of rescheduled appointments and improve our compliance with national 18-week referral to treat targets.


Amplitude is a system which allows us to better measure and monitor patient outcomes post-operatively. It involves patients receiving regular questionnaires post-operation which can then be reviewed by our clinical colleagues, we believe this can help us identify effective processes and pathways to improve out activity.


This focuses on making sure our site is accessible to all patients, staff and visitors, we want everybody who comes to the ROH to be able to easily navigate it.

PAS Replacement

We are exploring replacements for our Patient Administration System to see if we can source better functionality. We hope to have improved intraoperability with our other patient focused systems, greater alignment to NHS digital and more efficient processes.

Strategic Improvement Programme

Jointcare Phase 2

JointCare transformed our patient pathway for our hip and knee replacement surgeries, in phase 2 we hope to build on the success and offer an even better patient experience through the use of a pre and post-operative patient app.

MSK Improvement

Our goal is to establish the ROH as a regional MSK centre of excellence, to implement improvements across our Therapy Services, to introduce new technology to support the delivery of therapeutic services and explore new ways of working, both onsite and offsite.

Private Patient Suite Development

To continue to improve the already great services we offer to our private patients with the aim of increasing our activity and improving patient experience.

Paediatric Oncology @BCH

We aim to re-establish paediatric orthopaedic oncology surgery for under 16 patients at Birmingham Children’ Hospital which will directly impact activity, improve patient outcomes and reduce waiting times.

Estates Reconfiguration Programme

Modular Theatres and Ward Phase 2

This is the second part of our modular build which started in 2019 and involves the installation of an additional 2 theatres alongside our existing complex and another 8 side rooms will be added to Ward 4

Knowledge Hub redevelopment

We are installing a second floor development in the Knowledge Hub to allow space for an increased number of undergraduate teaching sessions, as a teaching hospital it is important that our students have adequate space while they are with us. We are also refurbishing our lecture theatre and seminar room which we hope will provide a better experience for our staff and visitors.

MRI new build & scanner

To increase our diagnostic activity and reduce our waiting times we are installing a 2nd MRI scanner onsite.

Relocation of services

To maximise the space we have onsite we are looking at relocating a number of our services, we believe this will provide a more efficient delivery of service and a better environment for staff, patients and visitors. We will keep you informed as our services relocate.

Refurbishment of areas

We are making improvements across the site including refurbishing a number of clinical and non-clinical areas ranging from Trust HQ to our Therapies department.

New Build

We will be installing a number of new structures across the trust including expanding our Knowledge Hub, the installation of a covered walkway between ADCU and the Woodlands suite, a new adult disabled changing facility in OPD and a new car park for staff and patients.

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