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Research at ROH

As one of the largest orthopaedic centres in Europe we aim to be at the forefront of research and innovation and knowledge leaders in orthopaedic care. The world class expertise of our consultants and the large variety of conditions we treat at the hospital make us an ideal environment for carrying out clinical research. We work in partnership with universities and external medical device and pharmaceutical companies to trial cutting edge technologies and treatments and enhance the current understanding of orthopaedic conditions.
We also carry out research designed and led by our own health care professionals that work at the ROH, this may be a consultant, an anaesthetist, a nurse or a physiotherapist. This ensures that our services are continually improving and that we continue to provide the best possible evidence-based care for our patients.
We are currently conducting research across all of our clinical specialities including Spinal services, Oncology, arthroplasty and arthroscopy, pain management and Physiotherapy.
As always, patient safety and confidentiality is our number one priority and all studies must have approvals in place to prove they are ethical and safe for patients to take part in and that patients involvement and details will be kept confidential at all times.
For more information about the studies currently available please either ask your consultant at your next appointment or contact one of our Research Nurses who can discuss the studies currently available and your suitability to take part. You can also view a sample of our studies via the Clinical Trials Gateway.