Arriving and staying at the ROH

You can find out about how to find ROH, and parking fees here: Planning your visit


Please check the document you receive which should tell you where to report on arrival.

This will usually be the admission department, but in some circumstances this will be a particular ward or department.

Coming to Hospital

It is quite a frightening thought coming into hospital, so it is nice for your child to have familiar things around them. Do bring their favourite cuddly toy or something familiar to them. We encourage the children on the ward to get dressed during the day to maintain a normal routine, so please bring loose fitting clothes i.e. jogging suits or shorts and t-shirts.

Travelling Expenses

If you are in receipt of Income Support, Family Credit or have a Low Income Certificate, you may be able to claim your travel costs. Take the relevant documents to the cashiers office in Clinic C in the main Outpatients department.

Hospital Transport

You will need to make your own transport arrangements unless you have a medical problem that prevents you from using a car, taxi or public transport. In such circumstances you should approach your GP in the first instance.

On subsequent visits your medical condition will be professionally assessed to determine your suitability for hospital transport.


Children staying in hospital benefit from having a parent stay with them and on Ward 11 we encourage this. Reclining chairs are provided by each bedside for parents to sleep on and you are welcome to use the toilet and washing facilities in the ward area.

Nursing accomodation available for parentsbeds in nursing accomodation Alternatively we do have rooms available in our nurses home accommodation. However, this is limited and cannot be guaranteed. Once your child has a confirmed date for admission please contact the Accommodations Officer on 0121 685 4255.


  • Ward 11 accommodation (Children's Ward) costs £25.00 for a maximum stay of 6 nights
  • Ward 1, 2, 3, HDU cost £32.00 per night