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High Dependency Unit

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After surgery you will be taken to the HDU (High Dependency Unit).

You can visit the HDU before your operation to get to know our friendly staff, ask questions, and discuss your fears. We will be happy to put your mind at rest!

And you will be shown the area you will be staying in, during your time on unit.

hdu diagram1 During your stay, you will have three sticky dots on your chest,

One Yellow

One Red

One Green

And a probe on your finger…

These will all be attached to a wall mounted monitor which will measure your –

You may hear alarms during your stay- but don’t worry! This does not always mean something is wrong- for example- one of your sticky dots may have fallen off, which makes the alarm go off!

hdu diagram2 You may also have –

Chest Drain This is a small tube that is placed into your side (the one that was operated on) to keep your lungs healthy.

Catheter Another small tube that leads to a bag, which collects your urine.

Fluids To keep you hydrated

Pain Relief A pump will give you continuous pain relief- but if you ever feel pain tell us!

HDU Top Tips
  • Don’t be alarmed by all of the wires and tubes!  They are necessary after your operation – but they won’t be there forever!
  • If you feel ANY pain – Tell Us! We have lots of different medicines and ways to control your pain.
  • Eating and drinking.  You may not feel like it- but this is really important to build your strength. (And you never know- your Mum and Dad might let you get away with eating MacDonalds and Chocolate!)
  • Bring a few of your favourite things.  For example – MP3 player, pillows, teddy bear, picture of your family/favourite celebrity/pet.
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