hip replacement

Continue your rehabilitation at home. Work hard at your physiotherapy.

You will be assessed prior to discharge to see if you require support from our community service – the ‘ROCS’ team. The team can visit you at home to offer further medical and physical support to aid your recovery.  After discharge, outpatient physiotherapy will be provided by us, or at a hospital closer to your home.
It is very important that you have organised the necessary support for when you return home. After major surgery you may feel that it is a good idea to ask friends or family members to stay with you or to help with simple chores. They will also be on hand to give you moral support.

Return to sport, leisure and work

  • Low impact sports such as golf, bowls, cycling, swimming and walking may normally be resumed after three months. Check with your consultant at your follow up appointment
  • High impact sports, i.e. jogging, singles tennis, squash, jumping activities, football are not recommended therefore are participated in at your own risk
  • Return to work usually takes place between six and 12 weeks post-operatively
  • Heavy manual work may require longer. Your consultant will guide you on this
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