Are you fit for surgery and Pre-Op Assessment (Knees)

 knee replacement

Are you fit for surgery and pre-operative assessment

Pre-operative assessment process

This will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the medical, nursing and therapy requirements needed to help you plan for your admission to hospital and discharge following surgery.
During your appointment you may have some or all of the following:
  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure,Urine test
  • A detailed nursing assessment
  • An examination of your general health
  • An ECG (tracing of your heart)
  • Blood tests
  • MRSA screening
  • Spirometry (breath tests)
Occasionally other tests are required depending on your state of health

What to bring

  • Reading glasses
  • All your regular medications
If for any reason you cannot attend this appointment it is important to call the clinic on 0121 685 4362 as soon as possible. This assessment helps us to ensure that you are fit enough to have the operation and it cannot go ahead with out it.

Fitness and diet

Before your surgery we advise that you do the following
  • Do moderate exercise dependent on your pain levels and ensure you do pre-surgery exercises you have been given.
  • Eat healthily - see advice on the NHS Choices website
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Stop smoking
  • Moderate your alcohol intake

Your health after your pre-operative assessment

If you become seriously unwell immediately prior to your operation date and are therefore not fit to have your surgery, it is vital that you ring and inform us on 0121 685 4362. You will then be sent a new date for your operation. It is also important that you contact us on this number if your medication changes prior to your admission.
If you develop cold symptoms please contact the nurse in the Pre-Operative Assessment clinic for advice on 0121 685 4362.
It is also vital that you inform us if you have been a patient in another hospital while you are waiting for your operation.
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