After the operation and preparing to go home (Knees)

knee replacement

After the operation and preparing to go home

Back on the ward

  • The consultant who operated on you will also visit you to review your progress
  • You will be encouraged to wash and dress
  • The physiotherapist will see you and start your exercise regime
  • You will be assessed and may be helped out of the bed to sit in a chair
  • You will be encouraged to eat and drink
  • The dressing on your wound will be checked
  • Your pain levels will be assessed and pain relief will be given as appropriate

Steps towards discharge

  • You will be encouraged to sit in your chair for meals and encouraged to dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing during the day
  • The physiotherapist will continue with your exercises and progress your mobility with a walking frame or sticks/elbow crutches
  • You will be encouraged to walk to the bathroom for your wash
  • Blood tests will be taken
  • You will have an x-ray of your new joint
  • If you have them, your drain and catheter will be removed
  • Please confirm your transport home with your family/friend

Preparing for home

  • You will be taught how to go up and down stairs
  • You will be encouraged to walk with sticks or elbow crutches independently
  • You will be shown how to use your dressing aids and to get on and off the bed
  • You will be shown how to give the blood thinner injection
  • Your wound will be checked
  • When you have achieved all of your discharge goals you will move to the discharge lounge to enable our discharge nurses to explain all of your medication, your discharge paperwork and wait for your family/friend to pick you up


After your operation you will be encouraged to be as independent as possible. This is achieved by starting your rehabilitation within a few hours of your operation. You will be asked to take part in a group exercise class while on the ward.

Discharge home from the ward

You may go to the discharge lounge to enable a safe and coordinated discharge. This will allow you time to ask any questions.
We will discuss wound care with you and advise you about when you should make an appointment with your GP Practice Nurse to have your clips or stitches removed. This is usually two weeks after surgery.
You will be given painkillers and will be shown how to use your injection at home (if prescribed).
You will be given your regular medications to take home as well as a copy of your discharge letter. An outpatient appointment will be arranged before your discharge, or by letter shortly after discharge. This will be four to six weeks following your surgery.

Patient Goals For Total Hip Replacement

  • Get in and out of bed by yourself
  • Pain is controlled with tablets
  • Get to the bathroom with little or no help
  • Wash and dress yourself with minimal help
  • Walk 100 feet with the use of walking aids
  • Climb and descend stairs
  • Review and finalise arrangements to return home
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