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Information for GPs

JointCare at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is a modern hip and knee replacement service for NHS patients.

This is modern joint replacement

JointCare brings together a team of experienced and highly skilled surgeons with an amazing care team. Our goal is to provide seamless, efficient care and have patients healthy and doing the things they enjoy as quickly as possible

Benefits of the JointCare Pathway

General Practice

  • Improved patient education and expectation setting.
  • Improved patient optimisation aiming to ensure all patients referred are appropriate surgical candidates.


  • Consistent Patient education and expectation setting given by consultant.
  • Updated Patient Handbook given.
  • Introduction to 'coach' (patient to nominate a friend/family member to attend classes and support them through their hospital stay and recovery).


  • Optimised patients leading to a reduced number of patients needing return visits to POAC.
  • Consistant Patient education and expectation setting given by all staff.
  • Therapy workshop for all hip and knee patients (includes exercises, ward routine, expected length of stay, discharge planning, and reinforcement of expectations). Coaches encouraged to attend.


  • Patient expectations reinforced.
  • Pre-med (analgesia) given.


Anaesthetic and analgesia protocols that facilitate early post-op mobilisation and reduce the number of patients having difficulties with pain management.
Improved patient flow.


  • Established ward routine (bloods taken before 8am, all patients washed and dressed by 9am, set time slots for physio and x-ray). Promotes staff efficiency and increases patient participation in their own recovery.
  • Patients mobilised day of surgery.
  • Group exercise classes, encouraging peer support and friendly competition within the patient group. Coaches encouraged to attend to learn how to best support their friend/family member. Volunteers will be available for those patients without a coach.


  • Group discharge education in the discharge lounge, increasing staff efficiency and encouraging sharing of information. Coaches are invited to attend.
  • ROCS input for all patients living with a 25 mile radius.
  • Outpatient physiotherapy arranged for all hip and knee patients.