Functional Restoration Programme

The Birmingham Functional Restoration Programme (FRP) aims to train patients with persistent pain to become experts at managing their pain and improving their function and quality of life.

Many of these types of programmes are now running around the country and experts agree that they can be very effective at improving function, quality of life and learning strategies to manage flare-ups in pain more effectively. The programmes use both physical and psychological principles, to help improve confidence in function, address any fears regarding movement and provide a structured plan of recovery. There is a strong emphasis in helping to understand the biology of persistent pain, and what you can do yourself to reduce its impact on your life

Functional restoration can be either group based or done on a 1:1 basis. Groups are run over a period of several weeks and involve classroom based sessions, exercise and relaxation sessions, provided by a team of clinicians including a doctor, physiotherapist and pain counsellor. On a 1:1 basis, treatment is provided individually by either a physiotherapist or pain counsellor using the same principles of functional restoration. We will arrange an initial assessment for you and will then discuss whether group based or individual treatment would be most suitable.

Patients who have attended previous programmes report less back pain disability, improvements in their confidence to move and function more freely, better management of ‘bad days’ or bad flare-ups in their pain, reduced use of pain medication and a better understanding of the biology of pain. Patients have often been able to return to hobbies, work and social activities which had previously been difficult.

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