Nutrition & Dietetics

Food is essential for life and is even more important when patients are in hospital. Good nutrition supports a faster recovery and response to treatment.

Dietitians are the only health care professionals who are qualified to diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems by using the most up to date evidence and are regulated by law.

Our dietetic service provides outpatient and inpatient services ranging from paediatrics, elderly care to optimising wound healing. We also support patients who are unable to eat enough to meet their nutritional requirements. We support this through guiding patient food choices and optimising nutritional intake. This may require nutritional supplementation or artificial feeding.

We work closely with the Trust catering team to ensure that the meals provided are nutritious and meet the nutritional, cultural and religious needs of all patients.

Contact details

If you have a question about nutrition while in hospital, or want to find out more about our service, please call us on 0121 371 3485

Nutrition Resources

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