Sending us a case

The Department of Musculoskeletal Pathology is based at the University of Birmingham, and processes all of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s histopathology cases.

How to send us a case

We offer a full range of diagnostic testing. Click here to see the full range of Immunohistochemistry and Pathology tests we offer. Sending us a case is easy. Simply fill out our form including clinical information, imaging, slides and two representative blocks, then post to:

Department of Musculoskeletal Pathology,
The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,
Robert Aitken Institute for Clinical Research (Level 3),
University of Birmingham,
B15 2TT

You can access our Laboratory Manual here.

You can access the Quality Manual here

Turn-around times

We aim to process as quickly as possible. 90% of all our biopsies are reported in under 7 days and that 90% of all diagnostic specimens are reported in under 10 days. We deal with approximately 4000 cases per year, which are a mixture of Trust cases, private referrals and opinion cases. 

Our performance