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Advice for visitors

We recognise the important role that your family and friends play in supporting you during your visit. From Monday 22nd June 2020, we are introducing new guidelines for visitors to ensure we protect them, our patients and our staff from the ongoing risk of COVID-19.

ONE visitor

You will only be allowed ONE visitor who must be the same person throughout your stay. This person should wherever possible be the person who you live with who has undertaken isolation or shielding with you before your hospital admission.

ONE hour

You will only be allowed to have a visitor for ONE hour per day.

ONE ward

We will allow ONE ward at a time to welcome your visitors during the day which will help us reduce the number of visitors on site and also allow us to carry out cleaning in between these times.

ONE car park

On arrival at the hospital visitors will only be able to park in ONE car park, which will Entrance C (the main carpark)

ONE entrance

Visitors will only be allowed to enter our hospital through ONE entrance, the Outpatients department. 

I am visiting a patient

Visitors are currently not permitted to stay with patients when they are attending Outpatients, Imaging or ADCU.

Please note 16-18 year old patients are allowed a parent/carer to accompany them into hospital for appointments and procedures.

Visiting Times

Ward 1
Visiting times are 1-2pm
Ward 2
Visiting times are 2-3pm
Ward 3
Visiting times at 3-4pm
Ward 4
Visiting times at 4-5pm
Ward 12
Visiting times at 12-1pm
Visiting times at 6-7pm
Due to the limited space and need to maintain social distance, visitors or accompanying guests will not be permitted in ADCU, except in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the team if you have any questions.

When visitors arrive

Upon entry visitors will be asked to:

  • Have their temperature taken via infrared (you are not touched during this process): if they have an elevated temperature, unfortunately we cannot permit them to enter the Trust
  • Wear a mask: this is to protect them and to protect our staff. We will provide you with a mask and show you how to wear it.
  • Sanitise their hands: good hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in infection prevention. We encourage visitors to wash their hands and use gel regularly during their visit
  • Follow our one-way system: visitors should follow the arrows on the floor and stay left as they travel through corridors. This helps to support social distancing.
  • Observe social distancing: all visitors should remain 2 meters from others at all times.

When visitors enter a ward area

When visitors enter a ward area, they should:

  • Wait at the entrance door: press the intercom and you will be admitted. Please do not enter a ward without permission from a member of our team.
  • Wear a mask, apron and gloves: we will provide you with all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you need and show you how to wear it. This will help to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Observe social distancing: all visitors should remain 2 meters from the person they are visiting at all times.
  • Remain at a single bed space: visitors should not move around the ward but should remain with the person they are visiting for the duration (excluding visits to the bathroom)

When visitors leave

When visitors are ready to leave after their hour long visit, we will ask them to:

  • Dispose of their PPE: visitors should remove their apron and gloves and dispose of them when they are leaving the ward in the bin provided.
  • Sanitise their hands: visitors should sanitise their hands with gel as they leave the ward area and then again as they leave the main outpatients exit.
  • Keep wearing a mask: visitors should keep their mask on until they are leave the hospital site.
  • Follow our one-way system: visitors should follow the arrows on the floor and stay left as they leave the site.


If you need support at any time, please just ask. We recognise that these measures might seem a bit scary for some. Our staff are here to help and can answer questions and concerns. Our highest priority is keeping patients, visitors and staff safe, so if you need support, please ask.

Smoke Free Site

Please be aware that the ROH is a smoke-free site.

This means that smoking and vaping of all kinds are prohibited everywhere.

Please prepare accordingly before your visit and bring nicotine replacement options (e.g. patches or gum) if you require them. We advise you to decrease your smoking or quit before visiting us. This will improve your overall health and can contribute to improved wound healing. 

Search for local smoking cessation services using your postcode here.


We do have rooms available in our nurses home accommodation. However, this is limited and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the Accommodations Officer on 0121 685 4255 to find out more.