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Ward 1

Ward 1 is a spinal oncology and mixed orthopaedic ward, we also care for spinal emergency patients.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours: From 10am to 8pm
Ward 1 is closed to visitors for mealtimes (lunch at 12noon – 1pm and dinner at 5pm – 6pm)

Advice for visitors

If you plan on visiting Ward 1 but you are unwell with cough, cold, flu, diarrhea or vomiting symptoms, please stay at home. This limits the spread of potential infections to vulnerable people in the hospital. We also ask that visitors do not bring flowers with them. Flowers and stale vase water pose a significant infection risk, so regrettably we can not allow them on to the ward.
If you plan to bring a child under age three to visit a patient on Ward 1, please contact us before arriving.


0121 685 4282
If you wish to contact Ward 1 via telephone, it's a good idea to nominate one member of your family to speak to us and relay messages. This makes it easier for you communicate with your family and close friends and makes it eaiser for us to give you clear and up-to-date information.