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Why Refer

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust has been the first choice for GPs referring patients for a long time. Here’s why:

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is the oldest orthopaedic institution in the UK and one of the largest units of its kind in Europe. We are a small, specialist teaching hospital offering planned orthopaedic surgery delivered by specialist teams, including surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, occupational therapists and all the other clinical professionals who look after patients with bone and joint disorders. Click here to see our list of consultants with their specialism and referral information

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital offers world leading services and has been at the forefront of orthopaedics for almost 200 years. We offer effective and expedient routine orthopaedic surgery alongside very specialist work in oncology, paediatrics and spinal services. Our consultants are among some of the very best in their fields as evidenced by their pioneering work and commitment to research.

Patient care and safety
Because we specialise in elective orthopaedic surgery, we take infection very seriously. Our infection rates are much lower than the national average, particularly for joint replacements. When you refer patients to us you can be assured that they will be cared for by our multidisciplinary team who provide a patient-centred, safe and compassionate package of care.

Innovative services you might not expect...

As well as our routine arthroplasty, complex spinal and world leading oncology services, we offer an innovative range non-surgical services: 

Functional Restoration Programme (FRP)

FRP aims to train patients with persistent pain to become experts at managing their pain and improving their function and quality of life. FRP is built on a substancial evidence base and is delivering excellent results. Find out more here or Patient Testimonies

Sports Injury Clinic

Our Sports Injury Clinic is a quick and effective way for people with sports related injuries and issues to be treated. It's a free NHS service, built by an expert multi-disciplinary team with experience in dealing with a range of complex sports related injuries. Referral is easy and appointments are offered quickly, so patient satisfaction with this service is high. Find out more here.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Direct Access Service

Our Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Direct Access Service has been designed around the needs of patients and GPs. Our specialists offer a quick and efficient service with excellent access, accurate results and a quick turnaround from request to report. Find out more here.