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First Choice in Orthopaedic Care

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a very special hospital; big enough to deliver world class services and small enough to offer exceptional patient and staff experience. We offer a working experience unique in the West Midlands and we're always on the look out for passionate people to join our award-winning team. 

It is our ambition to be first choice for orthopaedic care. We know it’s a big ambition and to achieve it we recruit the best and brightest. If you’re ready to be challenged, ready to innovate and ready to grow then you are just who we're looking for. In return for your passion and dedication we’ll provide you with a supportive environment, a great culture and a strong focus on personal development. We believe that investing in our people contributes to the strength of our organisation. You can expect to build your skills and grow your career with us.

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Why people work with us

Balance: real flexible working opportunities

Values: a positive, values-based culture

Development: excellent training and development opportunities

Wellbeing: an exciting staff wellbeing programme

Opportunity: competitive salary and overtime opportunities

Supportive: full support for newly qualified staff

Leadership: well developed, positive and progressive leaders

World leading: innovative surgical and non-surgical services

Convenience: well located site on a central road with easy transport links

Future-ready: a bright future of growth and expansion

What's important to us


Culture can be difficult to define, but you know it when you feel it! It is often commented that our Trust feels like a family. That's because we genuinely care for and support one another. Whether it's celebrating difference in our Equality and Diversity Network, offering a staff wellbeing programme, creating opportunities for reflective practice or encouraging individuals to be themselves, culture is king at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. You're more than a number here, you're a person. It might take you a little longer to walk down the corridor because you'll be greeted by so many people, but we think that's a price worth paying for a great culture!


Our vision is to be 'first choice for orthopaedic care'. For us that means offering care which is person-centred and holistic. It means maintaining exceptional quality and delivering strong clinical outcomes. It means being a leader; in orthopaedic care, in research, in innovation and in knowledge. It means working in partnership with others to create services which are joined-up and meet needs. Everyone who works at our Trust has a role to play in making us 'first choice for orthopaedic care'.

Our values are more than words, they define how we treat one another and how we deliver care. We expect everyone who works at out Trust to acknowledge, demonstrate and protect our values. Positive values are the bedrock our our culture and we do not tolerate behaviours which undermine these values. Find out more about what our values mean in practice.

Our values define what is important in the way we deliver our vision. Our key behaviours set out how we work, irrespective of the role we have in the organisation. These behaviours, consistently carried out, will embed the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) values in our everyday working lives, and support the delivery of our vision to be the first choice in orthopaedic care.
Behaviors we are looking for:
  • Collaborates with colleagues, patients and other care providers to deliver high quality care for patients.
  • Accepts responsibility and critically reviews own performance; delivers improvement and fulfils promises made to others.
  • Values the contribution of all colleagues, irrespective of their role.
  • Delivers consistently at or above required standards.
Behaviors we won't tollerate:
  • Works in isolation from colleagues/other teams.
    Places own or team priorities above those of the Trust.
  • Does not share good practice or learn from others/other teams.
  • Refuses to accept feedback from colleagues.
  • Inconsistent delivery of care/achievement of objectives.
Behaviors we are looking for:
  • Embraces new ideas and challenges self and others to adopt new ways of working/alternative approaches.
  • Networks with others to keep updated; leads on developing best practice.
  • Seeks new and better ways of caring for patients for today and in the future.
Behaviours we will not tollerate:
  • Does not challenge self , nor change working or clinical practice
  • Does not network with others, fails to innovate/develop good practice
  • Prefers to maintain status quo and relies on existing skills and knowledge.
  • Does not learn from experience or feedback, mistakes are repeated.
Behaviours we are looking for:
  • Acts to support the health and well-being of own team.
  • Carries out genuine acts of kindness for others.
  • ‘Reads’ others and acts with empathy, especially with different personalities.
  • Helps colleagues make the connection between their feelings and values and the quality of the service they provide.
Behaviours we will not tollerate:
  • Shows no understanding of others’ perspective.
  • Avoids responsibility for the well-being of colleagues.
  • Does not understand the impact of emotions and behaviour on colleagues.
Behaviors we are looking for:
  • Truthful and transparent with patients and colleagues when makes mistakes.
  • Supports colleagues who make mistakes or behave inappropriately by giving balanced, honest feedback.
  • Communicates in a way that is clear, concise and honest.
  • Is courageous in challenging unsafe practice and inappropriate behaviour; raises concerns about things they don’t believe to be right.
Behaviors we won't tollerate:
  • Inconsistent in messages to patients and colleagues, not forthcoming when mistakes have been made, fails to accept own responsibility.
  • Feedback is either withheld or provided ineffectively/aggressively, rather than constructively.
  • Does not communicate clearly, provides ambiguous responses.
  • Does not challenge unsafe practice or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Raises concerns through inappropriate channels, or without respect for Trust process.
Behaviors we are looking for:
  • Shows pride in their work and strives to deliver the best within available resources.
  • Utilises all knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of patients and the Trust.
  • Takes responsibility to overcome obstacles and adopts a ‘can do’ approach.
Behaviours we will not tollerate:
  • Accepts and/or delivers work which is less than their best.
  • Is unable to explain how their role helps the Trust to deliver excellent patient care.
  • Low resilience to disappointment, allows patient experience to suffer because of personal disappointments.
Behaviours we are looking for:
  • Listens without interrupting, is sensitive to others and shows patience.
  • Acknowledges and empathises with others, irrespective of their needs, views and beliefs.
  • Is always polite, in person, by email or telephone.
  • Says ‘hello my name is..’ to every patient and where care is to be provided, explains this clearly in advance.
Behaviours we will not tollerate:
  • Does not listen to others views, interrupts inappropriately.
  • Disregards the contribution that others can make
    Abrupt/discourteous in their communication (e.g. emails without salutation, unaware of their personal impact.
  • Does not introduce self to patients/colleagues, does not explain care to be provided.

Supporting your application

Values-based interviews
We conduct values-based interviews which explore how and why people do things, alongside what they do. We have found it to be an effective way of identifying people with similar values to ours. 

During a values-based interview you will be asked reflective questions which encourage you to think about your own practice and work. To prepare for this we suggest you take a look at our values and then think about how you have demonstrated them during your working life. The process is generally informal but structured to ensure fairness and consistency.

If you would like to discuss the value-based interview in more depth, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Job Offer Scam Fraudsters are currently targeting people with fake job offers from NHS Trust’s.

They contact victims, claiming to be from the Recruitment Department having received the applicants resume and request personal details including full name, place and date of birth, and passport details, as well as education certificates. They may also request the applicant pay for accommodation deposits, or insurance premiums. Please do not share personal details over the phone. If you are unsure, contact the Trust directly for support.

ROH staff bank

The ROH Staff Bank supports The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital to deliver outstanding care. We offer unique and flexible opportunities and we love working with positive and dedicated people.

Current Vacancies

All jobs must be applied for through NHS jobs. Click here to find  current vacancies.